Reboot, first new post

Reboot, first new post

In the past few months, I’ve got a bunch of hacking attacks on my website, as well as on my blog.
It’s been tough as my domain appeared as malware on Google. On top of that, both Firefox and Chrome displayed a malware page that warned the user about some possible risks proceeding to my website. By the way, I find both Chrome warning page and Firefox warning page a bit scary for the user. If we consider that the link to ignore the warning isn’t the most obvious button to click, it’s clear that this issue has serious consequences for one’s business.

I had to struggle quite a bit to find the infected files but every cloud has a silver lining so I ended up taking advantage of this bugging status to tidy up my server a bit.

So, here’s the situation. All past PhoenixArt content is gone (of course there’s a local backup.) I have a new website ready but I won’t publish it for a while. And about this blog, I cleaned up all old posts and now I’m starting from scratch. There’s a backup of the old blog though on WordPress

All in all, I like to start from scratch. Hope to start to post some interesting stuff soon.

Happy new year!

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