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Testing out Marmoset Toolbag

I’ve been trying 3d painting a few times in the past with Substance Painter, and more recently with 3D Coat, though for some reasons none of them clicked for me.

I’m now trying Marmoset, and this seems to be the right choice. The UI is clear, performance seems good, it comes with plenty of textures, smart materials, and an easy layering system. And I haven’t checked the baking part yet, which is supposed to be quite powerful.

So, below a test I did in Blender, where I sculpted the geo, and then painted in Marmoset.

Gaea explorations

The images below have been created with Quadspinner Gaea, community education.
The output map limit is 1k, and things are already looking good. I’ll go with the Indie version to see what a 4k map from Gaea can do.

Rendered in Cycles-X. The background sky has been created with the Physical Starlight and Atmosphere add-on.

One more

The first render is all done in Cycle-X.

In the second render, I combined two EXR passes: the one from the image above, and a few more passes rendered in Eevee (beauty, mist, bloom, emitter).
This combination works flawlessly. It’s nice to have the main beauty pass render from Cycle-X, and then volume emitter from Eevee.

New add-on by the Creative Bundle author

There’s a new add-on being developed, and the author has been kind enough to share the beta with me.
I did a couple of tests, and it’s quite fun to play with.

In this case, I’ve tweaked two basic cube shapes, and then I started random extruding, and random paneling the surfaces. Plus a few minor tweaks with the Creative Bundle.

Final result, The basic shape instanced

Main Setup, The basic shapes