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Quadspinner Gaea, 1st test

This is the first output after experimenting with Quadspinner Gaea. The process seems pretty straightforward using the nodes provided by Gaea.
I’m trying other procedural terrain generators but at first glance, it seems Gaea is more fun to play with, the results have sort of a more organic feeling to them, and the interface is quite clean and easy to grasp.

The render below is a combination of a height-map and a flow-map imported into Blender — all from a 1k image map as I’m using the Community Edition.
Compositing done in Affinity Photo and Fusion.

Signal To Noise

This started as a hard-surface exercise and it’s turning into an animation piece.

Modeled in Blender with Fluent add-on. Rendered in Cycles. Compositing done in Fusion with a final CC in Resolve.
Also, quite pleased with Oidn Denoiser in Fusion (before and after below)

Oidn Denoiser in Fusion: