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My new favorite: Solidangle Arnold

It’s really fun playing with render engines, it’s almost like trying different lenses: each one has a distinct character.

I have had the chance to use Arnold lately and it’s a lovely renderer: the IPR is fast, the integration with Cinema 4D is really well executed, working with the materials and the node window is really pleasant, and the AOVs are the icing on the cake!

AOVs are so well integrated and so easy to use which to me feels even better than C4D compositing tag (which is already a breeze to work with).

In the image below I played with some soft body simulation. Comped in Affinity Photo. Vectors created in Affinity Designer.

I think this could be fun to animate too.

More Affinity Work

I don’t feel I want to go out and shoot lately. I’m still doing it, but not with the right spirit, and therefore the result can’t exceed the expectations. Thus I don’t have new photographs to add to my gallery.

So, I thought it might be a good opportunity to do some work indoor. In fact, it’s been quite a long time since my last macro photograph.
Plus, I’m having fun with Affinity.

Having fun with Affinity’s Products

Recently, Affinity launched its vector and bitmap software on Windows.

I already bought Affinity Designer and now I am testing Affinity Photo beta, which I will buy as soon as it’s out of the beta stage. They are both incredible graphics applications.
Designer, despite being only at version 1.5, comes with a list of impressive features. Working with it is a breath of fresh air. The symbol tool itself, with the chance to see the changes applied in real time to the clones, it’s a tremendous boost to the workflow. Affinity Designer is also unique as it combines vector and bitmap in a streamlined way.

There’s plenty of help on the forum and the developers are working hard to release bug fixes and new beta at a fast pace. Considered we are not talking big corporation but rather small teams, it’s a truly remarkable example of innovation and devotion.

There are already rumors about a DTP program and perhaps more.

P.S. The price for Affinity’s programs is a steal!




Tonight I spent some time with a couple of renders for a UI exercise.
I wanted to test a Vray shader for UI renders, below the result.

The grainy material has been rendered with a Vray shader.