The usual, already seen abstract stuff. It doesn’t matter, it’s just for fun.
When it comes to learn new tools whatever can helps it’s fine for me.

So, the image above has been created with 3ds Max and rendered with Vray (simply loving Vray!)

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An old render

I did the render below almost two years ago, playing with Blender’s materials. Today I stumbled across it and I thought it could have been fun to give it a new life. So after some PS this is what I’ve got:

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On Art, Design, Sculpture and other disciplines and their bonds

Nowadays we’re experiencing (probably like never before) an incredible exchange of influences among the creative disciplines. This fast, continuous movement of elements across neighboring fields, should give arts new interesting perspectives to push ideas into unfamiliar lands.
Nonetheless the risk is that everything is going to collapse into a repetitive pattern, a system that cannot reinvent itself anymore, but only feed a liquid network where probably if no boundaries exist, no differences will survive either.

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