Some Skecthes

Some Skecthes

I was thinking to buy a tablet to use at home for a while now. I already used the Intuos 4 lot of times at work, really good tablet but just never got the real advantage of it as I always used it as a mouse replacement. Also, it was a medium size and if you ask me I never felt really comfortable with it since I use the keyboard a lot. As switching between tablet and keyboard is mandatory for my habits that means that my posture it’s awkward most of the time. Said that I wanted to give the small tablet a try and eventually I went for a Bamboo Connect. I wasn’t really sure about this tablet as I thought it wasn’t precise enough for sketching. Well, it’s really a good tablet! Perfect size to don’t get mad with my posture and have great control of the pressure.

I’m enjoying it a lot and I’m really having fun with MyPaint.

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