This image is a bit Soft

This image is a bit Soft

So, what’s the deal? Well, I’m trying to overcome the first obstacle as I’m thinking I want seriously study Softimage (formerly known as XSI.)
Really, this is a great package. Of course, I still use Blender and C4D with their and my limitations. In fact, I prefer C4D when it comes to dropping quick mograph stuff, yet Blender is my preferred weapon of choice when it comes to model, prep quick scene setup (still so fast about lighting) but not much about motion graphics.
Right, there is no perfect tool. Nonetheless, it’s the artist, not the tool, even though I find the latter not exhaustive (let’s try to paint an oil portrait with charcoal.)
So, why Softimage?

Yeah, I know: the lighting isn’t accurate, the buildings need an acceptable cutout, and so on…

Initially, my attention has been caught by ICE
Somehow it reminded me of C4D MoGraph, but at a closer look, it’s clear that was a completely different story. The possibilities are endless, and as usual, that comes at a price: in fact to get the most out of it one needs to study how it works, digging through nodes, less or more complex setups, and some math would be more than helpful. I dunno yet how far I’ll go with this ICE stuff.
The good news is that SI (Softimage) is not only ICE! The more I use it the more I find it truly impressive.

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