What we consider reality is only that stratum of the world that we have the faculties to comprehend.
(John Banville)

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Lion is the King

Some fun with random elements and a pair of objet trouve. After all, I really loved Surrealism and Dadaism and the idea of tossing random objects revealing hidden unrevealed connections it’s always been fascinating to me.

Modeled in Blender and Softimage. Rendered in Softimage / Mental Ray. Post in PS.
For the color version click below:

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There’s something really fascinating about connections: it’s the structure our neural activity relies on, it’s the base of the web itself (i.e. hyper links, the most powerful thing since its birth yet), it’s the bond among people, and the list can only goes on.

Lately I’ve got really interested in connections again, mainly for two reasons. One is a Steven Johnson‘s book, pretty interesting reading if only for its good flow of thoughts.

The other is a project who a friend of mine told me a few time ago now. It’s about connections and structures of data related to Marketing research.

Anyhow, I’ve started to experiment around this idea, below two early tests:

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My preferred manga of my childhood

I loved many cartoons when I was a child – and still I do – though one has been really my favorite. It was quite different from all others as, for the first time the story wasn’t about aliens or monsters. It seemed more like a real story, a story of war with fear and emotions on both sides. Gundam also started a new trend in terms of design, a trend that lasted till today.

I picked part of that design and re-arranged it in order to work on this element. Modeled and rendered in Softimage.

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Ok, let’s make it simple

Hard to pass a night without touching SI, even though it’s just to throw out some basic stuff. So, after messing around with Power Extrude I’ve had to add a floor. And then a light. And eventually I wanted to see a different material from the default one. So, here it is.

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